The Workshop will cover the Arduino programming, which will be required for the all 3 rounds of the competition and the basic hardware knowledge. Topics will be covered from beginning to the master level.

Contact for more
  • Abhijeet Dhole - 8806835217
  • Shailesh Fajage - 7448044274

“NOVA” means star showing a sudden large increase in brightness so main goal of our event is to solve the problems rising in the rural areas by using technology. Novatrix is the event in which we are going to search problems nearby our villages and will solve that problem in most beneficial way. Novatrix is the sociotech which combines technology and talent for betterment of society.

Before round 1 we have guest lecture for our participants about society and technological touch to social problems.

Contact for more
  • Omshree Kolge - 9403524325
  • Raviraj Mahadik - 8605384780

The motto of this event is to build the technocrack in the university. The event focuses on technical and non-technical qualities along with time management skills. It will inculcate enthusiasm in the participants. Taking the event as a base, we imply to check the everyday required concepts of the participants. Our rounds will also check communication skills and verbal knowledge.

Contact for more
  • Chaitanya Berde - 7756996092
  • Prajakta Muskavad - 9923755629

A 3 wheeler bot oriented event in which participants have to construct a bot using 2 6volt DC motors and a wired remote controller. Different tasks are given to participants in each round which they have to perform in minimum time.

Contact for more
  • Sahil Doble - 8007909935
  • Rutuparnraje Jadhav - 8668657037

Guest lecture will be conducted on the topic. "Employability".
In this lecture the guest will be talking about how to make your self more employable and where we all are making mistakes while applying for a job or while going a job interview.

Contact for more.
  • Sanket Chinchwade - 9766783373
  • Sagar Chaudhari - 8652830453
Water Rocket

Water Rocket workshop will be conducted before the festival starts. In which, you would be provided with essencial knowledge required to make water rocket.

Contact for more
  • Nishikant Jadhawar - 7843031995
  • Bhushan Pathange - 9405603220

Techno-Gamma workshop will be arranged for the participants about Game Development. The participants will get the knowledge about how to develop the game using software tools.

Contact for more
  • Shivkumar Swami - 9503727284
  • Harshada Mandge - 7558362363
Estate War

There will be two workshops. First workshop will be for investor and second for developer. Workshop timing will be for 1 hour only. In this workshop we will give details info about event as well as we will clear all the doubts of participants, which is main purpose of our workshop.

Contact for more
  • Akshay Mane - 7744945114
  • Mayur Kunjir - 9552979524
Web Hunt

A workshop before the event will be conducted in which the participant will be provided with basic skill set of HTML, CSS and BOOTSTRAP. Using wordpress and wix will be made fun, with our interactive learing.

Contact for more
  • Mahavir Chordiya - 7841938885
  • Mohit Khadse - 8888561580

Radiance workshop will be conducted where participants will be tech how to design a working robit in less than Rs. 100

Contact for more
  • Nikhil Patil - 8109733451
  • Ashish Pople - 9172766987